Come enjoy a reflective space while you recharge your brain and your devices! The Blogger Bar acts as the physical hub for an expanded OLC Innovate 2018 conference experience that aims to be inclusive, integrative, and experiential for virtual and physical conference participants alike. Take advantage of the individual workspaces we call “blogger bars” where you can gather your thoughts, reflect on what you’ve learned, and restore the mental and electronic devices powering you through the conference experience. We’ll provide some reflection questions, as well as a place to share your blog posts so we can help drive traffic to your thoughts.  

Reflection Questions

  1. At this point in your professional journey, how do you define “innovation” in education?
  2. What features of “innovation” are you most interested in/have you most enjoyed here at Innovate 2018? Have you heard an idea yet that inspires you to make a change to your practice, or ask different questions?
  3. Failing forward: Failing means we’re growing, and INNOVATION requires growth. Share with us here examples of how failing has helped you to move forward with educational innovation, or share which inspirational forward fails you’ve heard here at Innovate that inspire you.

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