We’re really excited about OLC Innovate and looking forward to some country music, Nashville BBQ, and of course, learning new innovative teaching techniques and networking with some great people!

For novice Innovate conference attendees, packing everything you need in your carry-on luggage can be challenging. You need to be professional during the day, and stay cool and casual at night. Plus you want to have the tech you need without being overburdened. What are the must-haves and what things should leave behind?

Clothing & Toiletries

The forecast shows temperatures in the 60s and 70s, so be prepared! For our colder climate-dwellers, the weather will feel amazing, while to our warmer climate friends, there may be a chill. Bring a good combination of long and short sleeves – and layers. Be sure to pack a pair of comfortable shoes for sightseeing and nightlife in Nashville. If you are joining us for yoga in the mornings, be sure to bring comfortable clothing.

  • Swimsuit – there is an amazing spa and a lap pool at the hotel.
  • Don’t forget a sweater — conference halls can be chilly with the AC on all day.
  • Toiletries: Go light! You’re not going camping, even though the program may make you feel that way! The hotel provides standard hotel toiletries and you can buy anything you may have forgotten at the hotel.

Tech Stuff

  • Devices:
    • Laptop: Bring a laptop if you have to actually work during the conference. If not, consider leaving it at home and rely on your smaller devices to take notes.
    • Smartphone / Tablet: They handle email, documents, presentations, and more. You probably already have apps for e-books for reading between events, taking pictures of vendor products and friends, and organizing your notes into the cloud for later. Plus, it’s a phone!
  • Chargers for devices:
    • Probably the most forgotten item of all. Bring a multi-charger, and you’ll be very popular.
  • Apps To Download:
    • Keep on schedule & rate the sessions you attend with the OLC app
    • Get points and other benefits for your hotel stay with the Marriott Mobile app
    • Don’t get lost – the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center is HUGE. Get the Navigate Gaylord app
  • Wear a Watch:
    • If you need to keep track of time and don’t want to seem rude by pulling out your mobile device during a session. 
  • Note taking:

Networking & Getting Around

Smartphones have changed the way people network, but think of conferences as an experiment in blended learning: embrace face-to-face contacts. These can help:

  • Business Cards: Make friends and network!
  • Pens: You’ll need one for note taking, and lending one to someone is a great icebreaker.
  • Dinner: Use hashtag #OLCDiningBuddies to connect with old and new friends for dinner. Be sure to make dining reservations early. The hotel is sold out on Tues, Wed, Thurs, so it will be difficult to get in without a reservation.
  • Get the OLC water bottle: Add it to your registration here!

Leave at Home:

  • A frown or a bad attitude…
    • Remember to smile, be positive, and be open to innovation. Most importantly, introduce yourself to everyone, and be helpful. Doing so will help you build relationships that will take your digital education to the next level.