Encouraging Faculty Breakthroughs in Open Pedagogy

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

This conversation will focus on how OER programs that once focused solely on content and cost savings can also facilitate the types of activities that enable faculty to implement open pedagogies: teaching with OER in innovative ways which only open licensing could permit. 


Jeff Gallant is the Program Manager for Affordable Learning Georgia, an initiative for all 26 University System of Georgia institutions aimed at reducing the cost of course materials for students and contributing to their success in the classroom. He manages Affordable Learning Georgia's Textbook Transformation Grants program, website content, a weekly newsletter, and the GALILEO Open Learning Resources digital repository. Jeff presents often at state, national, and international conferences about the power and potential of Open Educational Resources.

Extended Abstract

OER programs at institutions and within higher education systems have often focused on ways to encourage and motivate the use and implementation of OER through the value of cost savings to students. While cost savings are important, as the use of OER has become more widely acceptable and understood, the movement has begun to transition to methods and strategies that include a focus on open pedagogy. How can the OER programs that once focused solely on content also contribute to the types of activities that enable faculty to experiment in the classroom with OER in new ways which only open licensing could permit? 

Jeff Gallant and Marie Lasseter from Affordable Learning Georgia, a statewide initiative formed within GALILEO, Georgia's Virtual Library, will open the discussion with a description of the initiative's strategic shift to include open pedagogy in the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. This will lead to a conversation on how both individual institutions and systems of institutions can get started on promoting the collaboration and research needed to facilitate pedagogical breakthroughs with OER.