Concept Based Data Analysis: A New Method for organizing and Visualizing Data Using Course Design Principles

Concurrent Session 10

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Brief Abstract

The field of learning analytics is evolving at a rapid pace as faculty and administrators have access to more data than ever before. With the wealth of information available, it’s a difficult task to discern what information can be transformational for the student experience to offer invaluable learning pathways.

By combining sound pedagogical principles with new methods of data collection, the Online & Digital Learning Department at the Fox School of Business has developed a prototype for presenting this data to students, faculty, and administrators in a holistic format.   

Leveraging data visualization to present meaningful relationships between course materials, assessments, and student performance, personalized learning pathways are created, while also offering an evaluation of overall course achievement at the instructor level.

During this presentation, we will share the pathways we have created through the analysis of specific relationships across student progress, learning outcomes, and course concepts. Performance visualizations provide students with areas of success, and most importantly, areas that may need improvement. Students are provided with materials that will lead them to mastery of the specific concept within their course.


Bringing her pedagogical expertise to the instructional design field, Laura is committed to providing best practices when utilizing innovative technologies to enrich the teaching and learning experience. Laura manages the development of all graduate level courses supported by Fox Online. Laura holds a Masters Degree from Fox in Digital Innovation in Marketing.

Extended Abstract

Developing course content using the backwards design methodology, instructors recognize program and learning objectives before determining instructional materials and assessments. Ensuring linkage between key concepts and corresponding learning objectives, Fox Online has generated a personalized learning experience through data visualization. 

With these relationships in place, each individual student is given access to a dashboard which populates their performance on assessments as they are completed. This dashboard presents the concepts that they are doing well in and areas where improvement is needed. By clicking on a concept in their dashboard, the students are then directed to review the course materials related to that concept as well as the questions they can practice to develop their own skills in that concept. Using this dashboard, students now have access to a more personalized learning experience and a pathway towards improvement.

An example of this can be viewed by accessing the following link.

(Please note this visualization is interactive. You can explore the data by clicking on concepts and clicking the links to the course materials):

While this is made available for students to view personal performance, this data can also be displayed in order for instructors to review the effectiveness of their materials. Instructors are also presented with a dashboard that will assign grades to their course materials based on how students performed on the questions related to these materials overall. Learning interventions can be recognized based on the grades of specified content.