MERLOT III - A New Resource for the 21st Century

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Brief Abstract

The session will highlight a new generation of MERLOT that will incorporate visual and functional important technology changes that have taken place since the last release of MERLOT 4 years ago.  Some examples include  aspects of  new developments in user interface design and machine learning concepts.  



Barbra has been with MERLOT for over 20 years serving as a consultant, webmaster and for the past 12 years, Manager of Technical Services.

Extended Abstract

The session will highlight the next generation of the MERLOT system that incorporates important new user interface design and machine learning technologies that have emerged since the release of MERLOT II in 2013.  Examples include: 

  • Completely redesigned home page and related pages facilitating users’ navigation of the site

  • State-of-the-art recommender system to more quickly identify appropriate teaching materials

  • Expanded “Smart Search” functionality that includes a categorized and extensive list of even more relevant OER libraries

  • A more user-friendly and complete help system

  • Completely redesigned API's to facilitate the integration of MERLOT services into LMSs and other web applications

  • New and improved discipline communities’ portals 

  • Behind-the-scenes modifications that provide more efficient and faster access to MERLOT resources