The #eduFollowChallenge - 50 States & Around the World

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

The #eduFollowChallenge is an ever-developing idea to better connect educators. It began with a listing of 100 P-20 educators from every state and has grown into a global challenge to connect those who have a passion for education. Hear the story of why & how you can participate, connect, & collaborate.


Keith W. O'Neal is the Instructional Designer for Lipscomb University with 15 years of experience in education. He received his M.Ed. in Technology from Ashland University in 2007 and has worked independently with school districts & universities as well as presented at multiple conferences to further technology in the classroom & online. Supporting excellence & inspiring innovation is his passion. Follow him on Twitter @iTeachLipscomb 10 years in the classroom & 5 as an Instructional Designer/Tech Specialist helping educators. Presentation experience includes OLC (x4), QM (x5), FETC (x6), OETC (x11), and many other conferences/edcamps. Feel free to view my LinkedIn @ for more information.

Extended Abstract

This emerging idea session is the opportunity to introduce why & how Twitter can be powerful in collaboration & research. Making connections today with others around the country and world is easier than ever before. This session will give the opportunity for attendees to learn of, participate, and share in the ongoing #eduFollowChallenge described below. It will also hopefully spark ideas of how they can encourage their students to think globally by leveraging the power of Twitter.

The #eduFollowChallenge has been an ongoing research project on how we can better connect those who have a passion for education. A google map has been created representing quality P-20 educators from all 50 states who are recommended follows. This was created over a 50-day period starting in early August of 2016 and concluding in September. It was met with such support from the educational community on Twitter that there has been demand for the creation of a global version of the #eduFollowChallenge. The global version will begin in 2018 and consist of one country a week with no planned end date. To this point quality educators have been researched in 99 different countries, but there are many more to find. 

Looking forward to conversations!