Forging past Twitter as a novelty: Effectively using Twitter as a tool in Education

Concurrent Session 2

Brief Abstract

Twitter is the largest Professional Learning Network in existence & we need to get you plugged in. Discover what you have been missing at this conference, the collaboration, the discussion, the conference behind the conference. We will discuss whom to follow, twitter tips, & more. Join the discussion @ #OLCInnovate.


Keith W. O'Neal is the Instructional Designer for Lipscomb University with 15 years of experience in education. He received his M.Ed. in Technology from Ashland University in 2007 and has worked independently with school districts & universities as well as presented at multiple conferences to further technology in the classroom & online. Supporting excellence & inspiring innovation is his passion. Follow him on Twitter @iTeachLipscomb 10 years in the classroom & 5 as an Instructional Designer/Tech Specialist helping educators. Presentation experience includes OLC (x4), QM (x5), FETC (x6), OETC (x11), and many other conferences/edcamps. Feel free to view my LinkedIn @ for more information.

Extended Abstract

News you can use…and keep getting from @OLCToday all year long. This will be a sharing of best practices including discussions on lessons learned and practical applications for Twitter. (Special attention will be given on how attendees can utilize #OLCInnovate to share resource links and be engaged during the conference.) Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what Twitter is and what it isn’t and how to use Twitter as a professional resource & online learning community. They will also discuss real examples of how Twitter is being used in the classroom & be encouraged to share their own experiences. Important educational leaders & organizations to follow like @OLCToday will be suggested as well as a discussion of how to use hashtags such as #OLCInnovate. Twitter chats will also be highlighted including, #edchat & #higheredchat as well as a few others.

Learning Objectives for Attendees:

  • Discover the resources on twitter via #OLCInnovate & @OLCToday
  • Recognize the value in connecting & sharing ideas with other conference attendees & OLC subscribers
  • Create a twitter account, follow @OLCToday, and be engaged on #OLCInnovate throughout the rest of the conference.