Creating Visual Context for Online Communities: “You’ll see it when you believe it” (Wayne Dyer)

Concurrent Session 10

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Brief Abstract

Does your team utilize visual communication? Can we interpret the visual cues all around us? Are we clear and specific when we share? Do we send/receive mixed messages? Visual communication is a dynamic tool for reaching our communities wherever they are. Add your voice to this essential conversation.

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BA & Masters in Elementary Education EdD in Curriculum and Instruction Taught 1st grade for 7 years, Science for K-5 for 7 years. Have taught on College level for 10 years. Teach - Undergraduates:Introduction to the Teaching Profession, Teach - Masters: US Curricular Trends and Issues, Design Components of Curriculum Teach - Doctorate: Doctoral Seminar

Extended Abstract

Join this conversation about the strategies, technologies, and tools for visual interpretation of the world around us. As we navigate within our online communities; whether our classes, our colleagues, or our various widespread spheres of connections, we are continually encountering visual cues intended to support our understanding of this vast world. How adept are we at interpreting those cues? And, how skilled are we at creating visual context and guiding our students and colleagues through that labyrinth? The intent of this conversation is to create essential scaffolding for our own interpretation of visuals and to explore ways to assist others in constructing meaning through visuals.


  • Identify components of visual communication
  • Identify skills needed for visual literacy
  • Discuss methods for incorporating visual interpretation skills into courses
  • Analyze technology available to support visual contexts
  • Compare effective strategies for visual components