Report to the Bridge! Innovative Leadership and Teambuilding with Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

In this fun and highly interactive workshop, participants experience a sample teambuilding exercise using simulation software. You will take on the roles of a starship crew, teaming up to defend the galaxy. You will learn to set up a starship bridge to conduct exercises in any typical academic computer lab.


I am a full time faculty member (Assistant Professor) in eLearning at Lorain County Community College. I also teach classes in computer games and simulations as well as quality.
Alicia (Ali) Salgado - Lorain County Community College Young Women in STEAM Camp - Guest Speaker for Educational Technology Courses at Lorain County Community College - Volunteer at The Friendship Animal Protective League - Amherst Youth Soccer Player - Amherst Jr. High Choir - Amherst Jr. High Drama Club - Sacred Heart Chapel Youth Volunteer

Extended Abstract


The military has long used expensive simulations in its leadership and teambuilding exercises. Now the popular computer game Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (Artemis) offers a similar experience on a budget that any organization from a non-profit to a community college would find affordable.

Lorain County Community College has recently begun to use Artemis in teambuilding and leadership exercises for both internal and external clients.

Artemis stands out as an asymmetrical multiplayer co-operative simulation in which no player can perform all of the duties necessary for success. Each player has their own computer, connected via any network, simulating the stations on the bridge of a science fiction starship. While each job (helm, weapons, engineering, science, communications, and captain) is relatively easy to learn, reaching a successful outcome is impossible without good cooperation and coordination.

This photo shows an early use of Artemis as a teambuilding exercise for middle school girls:

Session Description

Participants will have the following hands-on experiences:

  • Setting up the Artemis software
  • Connecting 6-12 computers to form a starship bridge
  • Quick lessons in playing the game
  • An actual team-building simulation experience
  • Time for questions and answers

Note to OLC Innovate Hosts:

I can bring enough laptops for the session, as well as my own networking equipment and projector(s). I will need one or more screens depending on the size of the session.

The session is best for 6 hands-on participants with one projector screen, though if you request it ahead of time I could accommodate 12 participants with two projector screens. There is no limit to the number of observers I can accommodate.