Spirit of Collaboration: The heart and science of cooperation and innovation

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Brief Abstract

Social media and emerging collaborative technologies have changed the way we think, learn, create and innovate, carving out intentional spaces for co-creating actionable knowledge and distributed intelligence. Social technologies deliver on-demand, agile information that can edify, empower and educate connecting generations, cultures and worldviews.   The focus of this session is on collaborative systems and frameworks that facilitate innovative practices that validate replicable and reliable knowledge sharing within groups and between groups.


Dr. Aldridge serves as Full-time Online Faculty and Director of Organizational Leadership Programs for the Division of Business and Technology with the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) at CCU. John is a behavioral technologist with over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur and organizational development (OD) consultant. John has also served as a technical trainer, instructional designer and change management consultant for multi-national Fortune 100 companies. These organizations represent a mix of diverse business sectors including; entertainment, telecommunications, transportation, medical, technical, financial services, governmental and educational endeavors. John has been married to his wife Stephanie for 35 + years and blessed with two children and three grandchildren.

Extended Abstract

The Spirit of Collaboration is a systems framework that is supported by research-based evidence, and values-aligned leadership ethics. The Spirit of Collaboration framework dovetails Knowledge Management (KM) with Socio-Technical Systems (STS) within the flexible structure of Action-Science, advancing enterprise-wide open “agile” systems for “on-demand” knowledge creation and distributed intelligence—co-creating a cycle of sustained innovation and actionable knowledge. The Spirit of collaboration is aimed at organizational leaders, administrators and community change agents providing a framework for creating community in the workplace integrating values-aligned decisions for initiating and maintaining adaptive, functional and innovative interactions enabling organizational members to flourish within their communities of practice.

Innovation is the lifeblood of twenty-first century organization.  Collaboration is key for co-creating “new knowledge” and innovative practices. Socio-technical systems (STS) provide opportunities for agile open-systems thinking. (New knowledge is defined as that which occurs when learning becomes situated in a moment of action requiring a novel response [actionable knowledge], where work groups collaborate, organizing innovative work patterns, co-creating a cycle of sustained innovation). There are three critical constituents of the Spirit of Collaboration, the Collaborative framework: 1.) The Spirit-led leader, 2.) The workgroup/team and, 3.) The technology.   In this session, we approach the twenty-first century “living” organization as a socio-technical, ecosystem focusing wholly on group relations on three interrelated and reciprocally connected systems including:

  • Individual systems (Me)
  • Workgroup systems (We) and
  • Community-wide systems (Us)

This session is hands on and will enable the participants to gain valuable collaborative skills with immediate practice relevance which can be applied to strategic planning and leadership development workshops for measuring, initiating and managing work group effectiveness and institutional-wide change.