Web Literacy For Student Fact-Checkers (And Other People Who Care About Truth)

Concurrent Session 8

Brief Abstract

Much web literacy either asks students to look at web pages and think about them, or teaches them to publish and produce things on the web. While both these activities are valuable, neither addresses a set of real problems students confront daily: evaluating the information that reaches them through their social media streams. For these daily tasks, student don’t need long lists of questions to think about while gazing at web documents. They need concrete strategies and tactics for tracing claims to sources and for analyzing the nature and reliability of those sources.

This book and website are unabashedly practical guides on how to use features of the web to check facts and verify sources, often in less than ninety seconds. They show you the sorts of skills and habits professional fact-checkers develop, and help you apply them to civic and professional questions in your own life.

Extended Abstract