Make Your Own Interactive Video Lesson (In-Video Quizzing, Commenting & More!)

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Join us to transform a short screen recording into an engaging online lesson. Walk away with your own video complete with in-video quizzing, live video commenting, accurate closed captioning, and other interactive elements. No video experience needed!

Extended Abstract

As educators, it is crucial that we engage students to promote active learning. As we turn to online education, there are more opportunities when students can feel distant and disengaged. Even online-video can often feel like a one-way communication platform, where the instructor speaks “at” the students, instead of involving them in their own learning.

At ilos Videos, our primary goal is to help educators easily create interactive content for their students to achieve real learning outcomes. Whether you are an Educational Technologist, Instructional Designer, or an educator yourself, you are welcome to join this demonstration on how to make interactive educational videos.

In this demonstration, charismatic speakers Ex-Googler Matt Heffernan (VP of Sales) and Danny Lindsey (Director of Customer Success) will demonstrate how to use the ilos video platform to record a short video and then add interactive video elements, such as in-video quizzing, live commenting and accurate closed captioning. They will discuss best practices for online video as educational supplements, and how to best engage students through this medium.

The ilos platform is so simple and intuitive, that anyone in attendance will be able to follow along and create their own interactive videos with us, with absolutely no video experience required, and walk away with their own new video. If you would prefer to just watch, you are more than welcome to attend too.

There will be 15 minutes at the end of the session for questions and discussion at the end.