Leveling the Learning Playing Field for Remote Students

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Brief Abstract

Court England from Zoom will explore challenges and possibilities for video and interactivity in virtual/hybrid classrooms, including several university case studies.


Court England is the sales manager for the education sector (K-12 and higher education) for Zoom, the leading provider of video communications technology. Prior to Zoom, Court worked in the fitness industry, and was a corporate sales executive at Citrix and Hilti.

Extended Abstract

Disengaged remote learners? Educators rejecting complicated technology and reverting to their tried-and-true methods? Low course completion and graduation rates for remote students? Court England from Zoom Video Communications will examine the challenges faced by administrators and educators as they attempt to engage their remote students on an equal playing field with local students and connect these groups to learn from each other inside and outside of class sessions. He will then explore the possibilities for modern video technology and interactivity in virtual and hybrid classrooms, including the role of tools such as video breakout rooms and AI recording transcripts in facilitating flexible learning. The presentation will be supported by deep dives into case studies from educational institutions including University of Notre Dame, Yale University, and the California State University System. Court will wrap up with audience Q/A.