Creating The Future - Closing The Technology Knowledge Skills Gap With Pluralsight

Concurrent Session 10

Brief Abstract

It's impossible to keep up with the pace of change in technology both for students and staff. Pluralsight makes it possible.


Kurt has spent the last 10 years helping Universities implement strategic technology solutions - aligning technology learning to critical university objectives: both in the form of training and validating skills among staff in order to manage things like data, the latest cybersecurity threat, or website design, or helping design curriculum that helps students get the most current, relevant technology learning as part of their education. Kurt lives in Utah with his wife and three children (and loves when they either come home to visit or out of their rooms to acknowledge him). He's an avid reader, triathlete, yogi & yoga instructor, and dad-joke aficionado.

Extended Abstract

Digital disruption is difficult for any entity, and the gap in skills required to manage disruption is widening by day. This issue is particularly acute for universities who have the dual challenge of managing disruption for their staff and employees, and also must prepare students with the latest skills and knowledge to move forward and create the future. Some even argue that universities share responsibility for the current skills-gap by being unable to deliver enough technologists to the market.

With an ever decreasing half-life, technical knowledge is never static, so how does a university learn what must be taught and then transfer that learning to students in a way and a time-frame that doesn't invalidate that learning by the time a student gets it? Add to this challenge the reality that technology touches every part of our lives - meaning that every student irrespective of career path needs to gain current, up-to-date and demanded technology skills.

Learn how universities use Pluralsight - with a pedigree as the leading technology learning platform for professional users worldwide - to manage and master technology change and disruption, from ongoing training for internal staff, to delivering the latest technology courses to students.