Using Analytics To Guide Innovative Practices To Maximize Student Success

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Brief Abstract

 With real-time data at their fingertips, instructors and advisors can make appropriate interventions before students fall behind in their courses. Hear how Indian River State College closed the gap between online and F2F student success rates.


Kendall St. Hilaire, Assistant Dean of the Virtual Campus, oversees the College's online course offerings, professional development of faculty in the areas of ed-tech and online pedagogy, instructional design, learning analytics, and video services. She serves on several state work groups within the Florida College System and State University System. She has presented on topics such as launching a virtual campus, instructional design, professional development within the online environment, and implementing analytics in higher education.

Extended Abstract

Launched in 2013, the Indian River State College Virtual Campus offers twelve wholly-online degree programs and serves over 16,000 students each year. The Virtual Campus has achieved academic success through the strategic use of instructional design, online faculty professional development and analytics.

Indian River State College implemented its analytics initiative in the spring semester of 2015, and immediately experienced an institutional shift in the intervention strategies for online students. For the first time, instructors and advisors had real-time data at their fingertips, which allowed them to make appropriate interventions before students fell behind in their courses. The analytics reports fostered meaningful conversations among instructional deans, advisors and faculty, resulting in heightened collaboration around student success. Efforts led to an increase in success rates and a decrease in student withdrawals within online courses. To date, the Virtual Campus has closed the gap between online and face-to-face success rates while experiencing enrollment growth over the semesters.