SkillsCommons IMPACTcommunity Meeting: Industry Expert To Expert Instructor Group Discussion

Concurrent Session 3

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Join this IMPACTcommunity for an interactive discussion regarding implementing strong onboarding practices for industry experts new to the classroom. Take a tour of the new Industry Expert to Expert Teacher self-paced onboarding course, free to download today at Develop a draft plan for how you can use this free and flexible resource at your own institution.


Brenda M. Perea, Director of Educational and Workforce Strategies at Credly and works on large scale implementations. She also consults for MERLOT/SkillsCommons CalState-Long Beach and DXtera in technology projects and helps grow the educational technology community through outreach and engagement. Brenda brings nearly 20 years experience in the instructional technology-design field on projects spanning academia, corporate, government and military technology initiatives. Previously she was a Project Manager for Special Grant Projects at Colorado Community College System, where she designed and developed a system-wide digital badging credential system which entails building collaboration between a consortium of colleges and workforce to identify and target workforce skills not apparent in courses, certificates & degrees supported by interoperable technology. Brenda believes it is critical to use technology to ensure post-secondary education and career training is relevant for today’s workforce while using data to better inform students, administrators, faculty & employers. She works with the international Open Recognition Alliance and IMS Global to shape the national conversation on recognizing learning where it happens, industry and business engagement in post-secondary education and workforce credentialing.

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