Bringing Sociology Into Focus, In The Real World, and In Real Time

Concurrent Session 8
MERLOT Award Winner

Brief Abstract is a website where current events, pop culture, or common everyday experiences are used as illustrative examples of a sociological concept or to highlight a sociological research finding. The site which is written for a student/general reader was made by educators for educators. Each piece on the site ends with four questions so that teachers can assign them to their students or use them to launch a class discussion., which is completely free & open to all, was created by Dr. Nathan Palmer and funded by Pearson.


Dr. Nathan Palmer is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Georgia Southern University who researchers how people explain social inequality and how sociology students transition from novices to experts. Nathan is an award winning teacher, a former section editor of the American Sociological Association journal Contexts, and the creator of Nathan is also a dynamic and sought after public speaker who speaks regularly about understanding and addressing social inequality and how students can succeed academically in spite of the challenges they may face.

Extended Abstract