The Agile Instructional Design Network And Course Design Xchange

Concurrent Session 9
OLC Award Winner

Brief Abstract

In 2015, the Instructional Design team at MSU Denver recognized a growing need to establish added structure and improved processes in order to meet the growing demands of online and hybrid education. In response, the MSU Denver Agile Instructional Design Network (AIDNet) and Course Design Xchange (CoDeX) was established. AIDNet represents a new practice, mindset, and organizational infrastructure supporting instructional design at MSU Denver. Consisting of dynamic, cross-functional, three-person teams, AIDNet members work with autonomy, agility, and a focus towards collaborative efficiency. Each instructional design team within the network includes a senior instructional designer, online course developer, and instructional media specialist. This strategic coalition and scalable networked structure creates an exciting design environment which stimulates ongoing creativity, productivity, and continuous process and product improvement. Teams are empowered, self-organizing, self-managing, and accountable for the delivery of results that consistently meet faculty needs and expectations.


Taylor Kendal is an educator, writer, designer, improviser, community developer, techno-philosopher and the Chief Program Officer at Learning Economy. His work with the U.S. Dept. of Education, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Library of Congress, MSU Denver, and CU Denver has led him to a lifelong love for education, innovation, design, and the cultivation of decentralized, future-focused networks. He holds an MA in Information Learning Technologies from CU Denver and has 20 years of experience in project/event management, digital/social strategy, instructional/LX design, culture-crafting, improvising, and systems-level hacking of post-secondary education. Taylor is currently focused on Web 3.0, digital ethics, bridging cultures of entrepreneurship and education, infusing agility and intellectual honesty into bureaucracy, learning from/traveling to distant lands (virtually and physically), exploring the future of education on blockchains, and occasionally writing to help make sense of it all. | @taykendesign |

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