Develop A Peer Review Practice To Meet Challenges, Improve Accessibility, Promote Collaboration, And Expand Expertise In Online Course Design

Concurrent Session 8
OLC Award Winner

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Peer review can be stimulating and enjoyable, but busy faculty and designers often find it difficult to make time for review, reflection, and idea sharing. I conceptualized and pilot-tested methods for small- and large-group peer review that required very little time on behalf of my participants, and had successful outcomes for course design and revision. The large group peer review process may be easily scaled for different group sizes, and may be utilized by faculty, designers, and other program or course stakeholders.


Fawn is dedicated to supporting and empowering her team's collaboration in online course design and development. She is interested in exploring tools for effective teaching and learning. Fawn earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and her Master of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Before entering the postsecondary field, Fawn developed online material and taught face-to-face courses for children and teens in topics ranging from digital animation to live puppetry.

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