Peer Coaching for Remote Faculty

Concurrent Session 8
OLC Award Winner

Brief Abstract

In 2011, Walden University implemented a coaching model as a means of targeted professional development for faculty with the goal of continuous improvement. It was designed to be facilitated through a peer relationship and it offer problem-focused, contextualized opportunities for faculty to collaborate, thus making the experience and outcome more meaningful. The Walden coaching model is individualized, confidential, non-evaluative, and voluntary. Since its inception, the Walden coaching model had been used regularly by faculty and remained essentially unchanged. In 2017, the University sought to capitalize on the success of the coaching program through an internal research study and a series of expansion projects. The purpose of these efforts was to determine the effectiveness of the program and identify opportunities for expansion. In 2018, research findings are being applied to the model to ensure access and improve services to faculty.

Extended Abstract