What Can Learning Analytics Do For Me?

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Brief Abstract

This session will provide insights into the many facets of learning analytics, especially those focused on online learners and programs. Learning analytics can provide valuable insights to faculty, advisors, instructional designers, and online program managers.   Dashboards created in-house as well as a vendor solution focused on retention will be shown.  


Kevin is an award winning innovator with 25+ years in Higher Education. He brought e-learning to campus in the late 1990's and has been involved ever since. He currently leads a team of developers and instructional designers working on a variety of LTI tools and other innovations. His team recently created a VR video experience of Campus now being used by the University at recruiting events. Kevin has been teaching university courses online since 2001, and his students are often the first to use new technology and tools in their courses. Kevin is the co-founder of Cache Makers, a STEM club, and maker space for youth ages 11 - 17 in Logan Utah, and a volunteer mentor with that program which has served over 3500 youth during the past few years.

Extended Abstract

Utah State University is completing year two of a campus-wide learning analytics initiative.  The focus is on data that informs and is actionable.  Using LMS and SIS data,  the university has been able to create dashboards and visualizations for faculty to help them understand student behaviors, interaction with course content, and teacher and student interaction in online courses.  Faculty are using some of the visualizations for promotion and tenure purposes.   USU worked with a vendor to implement software that focuses on student retention and success.  Advisors and retention specialists can then focus on a specific identified set of students in online programs that are at risk of dropping out.   Lessons learned and challenges with learning analytics will be shared as well as tips for those wishing to head down this path.