Game Based Response Systems vs Traditional LMS/CMS Quizzes as Formative Assessment

Concurrent Session 3

Brief Abstract

How does LMS/CMS quizzing features as formative assessment compare to openly available game based response systems in online courses? What is the impact of including student generated quizzes? How do these different strategies compare on summative assessments? Join us for the interactive Blackboard vs. Kahoot vs. Quizizz challenge!

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Doctorate in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Instructional Technology.
Doctorate in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Instructional Technology.

Extended Abstract

     The merits of low stakes formative assessments with immediate, constructive feedback are well documented.  However, traditional LMS quiz applications lack many of the features and competitive benefits found in contemporary web-based gaming systems.  This interactive presentation will provide attendees with research data relating to the implementation of game based response systems as a supplement to traditional LMS quiz systems.  Additionally, attendees will have the pleasure of trying out each game based technology in a variety of different scenarios.

     The digital tools employed in this presentation meet many of the common criteria expected by contemporary educators, that is, free/inexpensive, easy to use and easily deployable. Each of the software applications align with Hattie and Timperly’s (2007) meta-analyses noting that feedback, most notably immediate instead of days or weeks later, has one of the greatest influence upon learning and achievement. Although quizzes are often described as low level information, Kulik and Kulik (1988) noted that the affirmation of what information is necessary and building stronger fundamentals has a significant impact knowledge acquisition when the feedback for error correction is immediate.

     When viewed as a testing pedagogy, that is, assessment as learning, the results of this study will help reaffirm to attendees that lost stakes testing may be used to improve student performance by increasing time on task, retrieval practice, and immediate feedback.

     Audience Engagement: Attendees will be given frequent opportunities to share their own experiences and thoughts upon key components of the presentation. Interactive quizzes using Kahoot, Quizziz, and Poll Anywhere (replicating Blackboard LMS/CMS) will be used throughout the presentation for a fun and enjoyable experience.

     Audience Takeaway Materials: Attendees will be provided with their choice of print or electronic resources created for this presentation and suggestions/guidelines for the successful adoption based upon the presenters experiences.