Using Data to Paint a Picture to Support Student Success

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

Explore how multiple data points converge to monitor students and provide appropriate support. This presentation will provide practical insights that will help you assess your institution’s readiness to use data.  You will learn how BelhavenUniversity is using data from Canvas, Arc, Grammarly,, and Colleague to support student success.

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Aaron's career has been focused on education. He served in K-12 education for several years both as a teacher and principal. In higher education, he has participated in the areas of program development, faculty development, and online learning as well as adjunct faculty. He currently serves as the Associate Vice President of Online Studies at Belhaven University, overseeing the integrity of the online program which includes data management, LMS innovations, and faculty development and monitoring.

Extended Abstract

With the advent of data availability, institutions must rethink the structure and accessibility of information. This understanding prompted Belhaven University to assess the landscape of student data leading to the realization that several data points could be brought together to enhance service to students. Belhaven harnessed data available in Canvas, Arc,, Grammarly, and Colleague to create a user-friendly dashboard.  The dashboard allows Student Services personnel to troubleshoot possible areas of a student’s struggle as well as identify ways to support the student in getting back on track.

During this session participants will:   

  • discuss what it means to be an engaged student.

  • reflect on the need to understand data.

  • have the opportunity to interact with the presentation through polling.

  • gain insight into potential data sources that may be overlooked in their institution.

  • walk away with an understanding of how data can be leveraged to support student success.