Educate, Engage and Entertain...Using the 3E's in your Online Teaching Strategy

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Brief Abstract

This session examines the 3E's; Educate, Engage and Entertain as an approach to deliver content to students.  Identification of 6 strategies to implement the 3E's with examples and demonstrations of their use will be presented.   A checklist for implementing these strategies along with examples will be offered to participants.

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Daniel Hoppe, Jr. is the Director of the Distance Learning Institute (DLi) at Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) in Myrtle Beach, SC. Mr. Hoppe has spent the last 12+ years dedicated to best practices in distance education and online learning. His focus has been on driving faculty adoption, professional development, strategic planning, growth, and change management within higher education. In his current and former roles as a Senior Advisory Consultant with D2L and as the Dean of Distance Education at Mercy College of Ohio, Mr. Hoppe strategically grew access to technology and online learning while supporting the needs of online students and faculty. He has created new and exciting opportunities for faculty engagement and professional development to increase faculty awareness and technical abilities, focused on best practices in online teaching and learning. Mr. Hoppe holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toledo, a Master of Arts in Organizational Management and Strategic Planning from Spring Arbor University and is currently completing a Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies at Bowling Green State University (ABD). Mr. Hoppe's dissertation research is focused around faculty readiness to teach online.

Extended Abstract

Students today learn in a multitude of ways.  They require a high level of engagement and entertainment, in order to maintain interest and retain information.  Taking into consideration how students learn, this session focuses on the 3E's...Educate, Engage and Entertain as a strategy to deliver your content while appealing to students’ interests.  The session will discuss the concept of Edutainment, the combination of educating and entertaining as a creative approach to deliver information.  Through a utilization of the 3E’s, instructors can not only present their content, but also their personalities, talents and interests outside of class.  This session will additionally discuss 6 strategies to implement the 3E's in your online courses, with examples and demonstrations to support and showcase each one.  Using Kahoot, the participants will engage in a variety of surveys and questions, related to the sample videos and activities presented.  Finally, participants will walk away with a checklist to assist with identifying and implementing the 3E's in their courses.