Predicting Student Retention Using Pre-Matriculation Demographic Data AND Non-cognitive Data

Concurrent Session 7

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 Would you like to have a building named after you on your campus?  Find out what percent of change in retention you would need at your school to equal a contribution worthy of building naming rights.  In this session you will learn how one school, Ashford University, used non-cognitive data from the SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator to improve their retention predicting algorithm by almost 4% over using just demographic data.


Dr. Mac Adkins is the Founder and Chief Academic Officer of SmarterServices. He has been a higher education administrator for over 25 years and served as a Dean or Director of Distance Education for ten of those years. He has taught in the online doctoral program of Capella University for eight years and has taught online for Troy University for thirteen years. Dr. Adkins received his Doctor of Education degree from Auburn University in 1998. His major for the degree was Educational Leadership. He is a frequent speaker at educational conferences.

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