Thinking Out of the Tool Box: Building a Professional Development Foundation Using Google Suite

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Brief Abstract

Purdue University Global’s Center for Teaching and Learning will provide an overview of how our training and development is effectively constructed and delivered using Google Tools. We will also provide a hands-on example of how to create a Google Site that can be used for online instruction.

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Marla Cartwright is Director for the Center of Teaching and Learning at Purdue University Global (formerly Kaplan University). In her 14 years with the University, she has received both the 2006 Vice President's award and the Kaplan Way Leadership Award for 2013 and 2015. Marla has been an administrator and teacher in higher education for nearly 25 years, both online and onground, encompassing the following areas: composition, literature, pop culture studies, developmental education, faculty training, and course design. Previously, Marla has served as Faculty Developer, Assistant Chair of the Composition department, Director of the Writing Center and Chair of the Department of Student Success. Marla’s primary research interests include effective training development and delivery, specifically for faculty training, culminating in a recent presentation for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Conference: “The How To's for a Successful Online Faculty Training Program". Marla also has a background in publishing including general assignment reporter for the metro daily newspaper, The Nashville Banner, regional magazine columnist as well as scholarly study "Deny All Knowledge: Reading the X-Files". Her decades of online experience stem from serving as Community Producer at the Manhattan-based internet company, Marla earned her M.A. in English from Middle Tennessee State University and recently completed graduate studies in Instructional Design.
Liz Fitzgerald lives in North Central Iowa and has been with Purdue University Global (formerly Kaplan University) since 2005. She is currently a full-time faculty developer with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Prior to working with the CTL, she served as Manager of Campus Curriculum Operations in support of fifteen ground campus and learning center locations. Her research interests include positive psychology, innovative training and development techniques, and using technology to enhance participant engagement in a virtual training environment.
Laurie Hansen has an MA from Teachers College, Columbia University and began teaching online at Purdue Global University, formally Kaplan University, in 2006 as an adjunct faculty member. Ms. Hansen currently serves as a full-time Faculty Developer in the Purdue Global Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Together, the CTL team creates online training and professional development for new and existing faculty and provides support for faculty and staff along with her CTL team members.

Extended Abstract

Purdue University Global’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) mission is to provide effective, innovative, and collaborative professional development opportunities for faculty, administrators, and staff as well as both onboarding and professional development tracking services, all in support of Purdue Global's core values and long-range plan. For faculty, the online process begins at onboarding and continues throughout their careers, supporting their ongoing roles.

Faculty begin employment at a variety of stages of professional development.  CTL’s quality course design enables our team to deliver the necessary onboarding, training and professional development components to faculty in a way that makes sense and helps build a strong foundation and/or contribute to their various stages of development and training using Google Suite.

Using Google Suite enables CTL to be self-sufficient; our team may easily and immediately edit courses and resources with changes and updates. This ensures information and training are current and accurate as we strive for continuous improvement. Google Sites enable CTL to deliver training to a large audience in a short time frame. One of the collaborative features that enable our team to work effectively and productively is a shared account. Each team member administers training, tracks, addresses inquiries in the inbox, provides support and feedback to learners. The entire team is cross-trained and able to step in at any given moment.  Though we use Google Suite, other platforms provide similar features, and through this demonstration we will focus on the techniques used for productive, effective, and efficient course delivery, opening discussion for how participants can integrate similar strategies and workflow within the platforms they use.

This presentation will illustrate how CTL delivers training and provides resources that meet the needs of faculty so the building blocks of their professional development create and support a sound foundation using Google Suite. We will set up a training site and tracking sheet, then provide participants an opportunity to work through training scenarios in a simulation, prompting participants to discover techniques to deliver and track with ease. This use of Google tools is somewhat unconventional and attendees will find this presentation to not only be unique, and engaging but will be impressed by the versatility of Google Suite and inspired to think out of the Google toolbox.