From 0 to 700 in 3 Months: Administrative Considerations for Launching a New LMS

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

This session will provide an administrative overview of how a small university launched a new LMS in just 3 months. By  the end of the summer, over 700 courses, including online and traditional, were up and running. Lessons learned, challenges, and recommendations for similar projects will be discussed.

Additional Authors

Michael Petroski initiated online learning at Lynn University in 1999, and taught the first online course: Introduction to Computer Applications using Web Course in a Box. Since then, he helped the university transition to BlackBoard, then to iTunes U, and now to Canvas. His 30 years at Lynn includes 25 years in the classroom teaching Computer Science, Statistics, Operations, and Project Management. He is currently the Director of Faculty Development, Director of Academic Assessment, and heads up the Instructional Design/Distance Learning department.

Extended Abstract

Lynn University selected Canvas as their LMS at the end of May, 2017. By the end of August, all courses - online and traditional, were up and running on the new LMS. This session will give an administrative overview of the process that launched over 700 courses in 3 months. The success of the new LMS required support and participation of most of the departments on campus: IT; Software Services; Instructional Design; Faculty Development; Academic Affairs; Student Affairs; and others. Lessons learned, challenges, and recommendations for launching a similar project will be discussed.