Nuts & Bolts: Building 400 Health Science E-Modules Using the E-Learning Scorecard

Concurrent Session 5

Brief Abstract

Learn about the nuts and bolts process of creating the UNMC E-Learning Scorecard resulting from the building of over 400 online curriculum modules by health sciences faculty and students.  Explore the study results of the scorecard's usability and inter-rater reliability with both novice and expert faculty users.


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Over 20 years in adult education and curriculum development. Online learning is my modality and I partner with e-learning developers to implement best practices in instructional design and educational pedagogy for teaching and learning.
Program Director and Associate Professor Radiography, CT, and CVIT Department of Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences University of Nebraska Medical Center 984545 Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, NE 68198-4545 402-559-3846 Email Academic Appointments: Associate Professor, UNMC, 2016 Program Director, Radiography, UNMC, 2013 Clinical Education Coordinator, Radiography, UNMC, 2001 Assistant Professor, Division of Radiation Science Technology Education, UNMC, 2006 Degrees/Certifications: PhD, UNMC MSIA program, 2018 MPA, Masters of Public Administration, UNO, 2002 BS, Radiography, UNMC, 2000 ARRT certified Radiographer & Mammographer Publications: Webster TL. Promotion of Critical Thinking in Students: An Examination of Current Educational Practices. Radiologic Science & Education, 23(2): 23-31, June 2018. Michael K, Coffin C, Sudbeck R, Sayles H, Webster T. Current Employment Practices and Future Preferences for Multicredentialed Technologists in Nebraska. Radiology Management Sept/Oct:31-37, 2016. Jones, TL. Creating an Effective Student Learning Environment in the Imaging Sciences: A Theoretical Perspective. Radiologic Science & Education, 20(1):21-29, 2015. Jones TL, Laughlin J. A generational assessment of volunteerism among radiation science professionals, Journal of Radiologic Technology, 86(4), 452-454. Jones TL, Sinus Pericranii, Journal of Radiologic Technology, 83(4): 349-364. Jones TL, Stevens KK. Dense Breast Notification: Anatomy, Imaging, and Patient Awareness, Radiologic Technology, 86(1): 17-22. Jones TL, Schlautman EA. Mobile Apps in Radiology, Radiology Management, Nov/Dec 2014: 40-46. Primary Teaching Responsibilities: MITS 312R Radiographic Technology I MITS 313R Radiographic Technology II MITS 305R Special Projects I - Radiography MITS 306R Special Projects II - Radiography MITS 468/668R Special Projects II - MRI MITS 407R Radiographic Imaging Seminars MITS 467/667R Special Projects I - MRI HPTT 622/822 Cognitive Psychology - Master of Health Professions Teaching and Technology Service: Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiation Sciences - Editorial Review Board Member Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiation Sciences - Scholarship and Research Committee American Society of Radiologic Technologists - Member Nebraska Society of Radiologic Technologists - Member
Shireen S. Rajaram, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Promotion in the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). Her research interests include health disparities and women’s health. Also, she focuses on pedagogy- research. Dr. Rajaram teaches both online and on-campus classes in public health. She teaches graduate level courses such as Health Behavior, Foundations in Public Health. Health Disparities and Program Planning and Evaluation. She is the faculty adviser for EMPOWER, an inter-professional UNMC student-led group that focuses on domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking. She was one of ten honoree in the 2018 Women’s Center for Advancement Award. In 2017, she received the UNMC Visionary Educational Leader Award. In 2016, she received the College of Public Health Excellence in Teaching Award at UNMC. In 2014 she was awarded the UNMC Dr. Carruth J. Wagner faculty award in public health. Dr. Rajaram was the former Director of the Center for Reducing Health Disparities at UNMC. Prior to that, she was a Professor of Sociology and former chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Extended Abstract


Discover the tool for building quality e-learning modules.  Building a house takes many experts – carpenters, electricians, plumbers, just to name a few.  Hear from the expert educational builders - faculty, librarian, instructional designer, and researchers - who built the UNMC Interactive E-Learning Scorecard and tested its reliability and validity. 

Using the E-Learning Scorecard ensures quality construction of online modules, and helps maintain a positive perception of the value of online learning.   Quality materials and processes ensure learners receive the most benefit from the e-learning content. 

In this session participants will learn about the nuts and bolts process of constructing and using the e-learning scorecard tool: 

  • Distinguish the components of an e-learning module and how over 400 modules have been created.
  • Learn the best practices included in the UNMC E-Learning Scorecard
  • Discover how expert and novice faculty rate the tool’s usability and reliability
  • Discuss how the transferability of the e-learning scorecard

The University of Nebraska Medical Center has embraced interactive e-learning modules since 2013 with over 400 e-modules created by faculty and students.  The implementation of e-modules is transforming teaching through blended learning – assigned as pre-work, replacing lectures, or supplementing the curriculum allows for utilizing class for active learning and improved student evaluations.

Panel discussion (15 mins)  Hear from the expert educational builders - faculty, library, instructional design, and researchers - who built the foundation, created, revised, and studied the UNMC Interactive E-Learning Scorecard. 

Plenary discussion (20 mins)  The panel will use PollEverywhere and small group facilitation to answer participant questions and discuss what how what can be gained by e-learning developers or institutions who implement the tool, or address concerns participants have about the tool and implementation 

Panel wrap-up (10 mins) In this session, the panelist will "wrap-up" the plenary discussion with the next steps for publication and sharing the tool with other institutions, faculty, and e-learning developers. 

Participants may access the UNMC E-Learning Scorecard and E-Gallery during the session.