Spark Me Up! Using Adobe Spark to Create Unforgettable Content and Media

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Brief Abstract

Create impactful visual stories with Adobe Spark, one of the easiest tools for creating stunning and effective images, web pages and videos! Join us in this hands-on workshop to see uses of Spark in actual courses and leave with completed Spark examples of your own.

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Tina Rettler-Pagel is a Faculty member and Chief Online Learning Officer at Madison College, in Madison, Wisconsin. Tina holds a B.S in Education with an emphasis on Emotional Disabilities from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.S. in Administrative Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is currently working on a Student Affairs Administration Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Tina has completed an Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Teaching Certificate, as well as participated in OLC’s Institute for Engaged Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL) in 2017. Her research interests include retention and persistence in the online classroom, women in higher education leadership and governance, digital equity, and community college approaches to teaching and learning. When consulting with faculty, and in her own practice, Tina shares three important lessons: start small, engage at all costs, and never underestimate the power of kindness and inclusion in the classroom. Tina's hashtags? #Mom #Partner #CommunityCollegeProud #OnWisconsin #OnceABadgerAlwaysABadger #A11yAdvocate #OnlineTeaching #DoctoralStudent #Includer #Kindness #Connector #OnlineLearning #TechNerd #Resilience #StrongGirlsStrongWomen #Hockey #Fishing #AnythingSummer #JamMaker #Perseverance #SayYesToNewAdventures #ComeAsYouAre #CrossFit #FarmRaised #StartWhereYouAre #OldSchoolCookingAndBaking #ImpostorPhenomemon #Access #DoctoralCandidate
An Instructor and Instructional Designer in the School of Health Studies at the University of Memphis, Dr. Niki Bray currently teaches online and on-ground courses in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) department as well as courses that serve the School of Health Studies (i.e. Intro to Kinesiology and Intro to Exercise Physiology). In addition to teaching, Niki serves as the School of Health Studies' Instructional Designer where she provides pedagogical, technology-enhanced, and technical support to faculty within her school. Awards: Bruce Chaloux Scholarship for Early Career Excellence, Online Learning Consortium (OLC), 2018 School of Health Studies Most Valuable Professor (MVP) Award, University of Memphis, 2018 Service: October 2015 - October 2016 - WCET Adaptive Learning Fellow August 2015 - Present - Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee, University of Memphis 2018 FY - Chair, Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee, University of Memphis August 2017 - Present - School of Health Studies Department Aide, University of Memphis August 2017 - Present - Co-Chair IMS Global Adaptive Learning Communities August 2018 - Present - CWiC Executive Committee December 2016 - Present - Gate's Foundation Collaborative Opportunity Grant, Adaptive Learning Expert, University of Memphis 2016-2018 - Digital Learning Innovation (DLI) Award Reviewer, Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Education: Instruction and Curriculum Leadership, Instructional Design & Technology, Doctorate, 2017 Leadership and Policy Studies, School Administration & Supervision, Masters of Science, 2008 Education, Physical Education, Bachelors in Science, 1997 Research Interests: Adaptive Learning, Technology-Enhanced Learning, Active Learning, Digital Learning, Learning Sciences, Student Success, Faculty Development

Extended Abstract

  • Do you need a fast way to create a digital story?  Adobe Spark does that!

  • Are you looking for a tool that is simple to use?  Adobe Spark again!

  • Do you need a tool that can be used by instructors and students at no cost?  You guessed it! Adobe Spark!

Creating high quality multimedia can sometimes be a time consuming, technology rigorous, labor intensive, and expensive process.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. We actually have a high-resolution (or high-definition) creation tools right in our hands (or on our desks).  Smart phones, tablets and computers can do what the high-cost equipment used to do. (And often, it can do better!)

Adobe Spark is one of those tools. Adobe Spark enables everyone, especially instructors and their students, to easily create and share impactful visual stories using three stand alone or integrated tools:  Video, Post, and Page.

This hands-on workshop will show participants how to use Spark as they create their own content using the tool.  


Activities/Outline for the Spark Express Workshop:

•      Upon entry:  Participants will use their devices to either take photographs and/or search for their own images on their devices or cloud service and sign up for an Adobe account if they do not already have one.

•      Introduction:  Welcome and backchannel information for the session to refer to questions

•      Overview of Spark:  Needs, uses, and examples

•      Learn It: Demonstration of how to create content for building a story using the Adobe Spark apps. Begins with creating images, then video, then a web page to put the story together.

•      Do It: Participants will spend time creating their own content (graphics, video, and web page) to create their Spark artifacts

•      Share:  Participants will post their finished stories (weblinks) on a Padlet.

•      Wrap Up:  Summarize and share resource links

Session Outcomes – At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1.      Identify uses for Spark in the classroom

2.      Create a video of 1 minute or less using template in Adobe Spark Video

3.      Create a graphic using an image of their own and Adobe Spark Post

4.      Create a short web page using Adobe Spark Page