When Course Certification Becomes Accessible

Concurrent Session 5

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Expanded accessibility expectations for Online Course Certification at UMKC created a need for improved training opportunities for faculty. In response, Instructional Designers created an accessibility training website that focuses on document accessibility, video captioning, alt text, and color contrast. Hear about the process and discuss future improvements to the website.


Torie joined Wichita State's Media Resources Center as an Instructional Designer in Summer 2015. She now works as a full-time Instructional Designer and online English Composition and Literature Instructor.She is especially interested in faculty professional development. Before joining the team, she worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Wichita State's Department of English. There she taught various Composition and Literature courses both face-to-face and online. Torie has received her BA and MA in English Language and Literature from Wichita State University.

Extended Abstract

The University of Missouri-Kansas City requires faculty to complete a number of accessibility revisions for their courses to become Certified Online Courses. Over time, accessibility revisions for online certification have expanded. In light of the Section 508 refresh, UMKC expanded revisions again to include:

  1.  All instructor-created video material contains edited captions.
  2. All images in the course contain titles and alt text.
  3. All instructor-created documents are apprpriately tagged and are fully accessible.
  4. The course design facilitates readability:
    • Appropriate use of color/color-contrast.
    • Descriptive text for all long hyperlinks. 

These expanded revisions required Instructional Designers and Instructional Technologists at UMKC to improve their online and face-to-face training regarding accessibility. The first step in this process was creating an accessibility training website that focuses on document accessibility, video captioning, alt text, color contrast, and hyperlinks. 

This session will focus on the process of creating this website and the associated training materials. The presenters hope to receive feedback and advice from attendees.