Mobile Technology and the Myth of the App

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing laptops as the primary device used for online education. As the number of devices used in our classrooms grow it increases the need for adaptability digital education.

As more and more students are using mobile technology it's important that faculty are not unintentionally creating barriers. 


Bradon has a passion for helping students and faculty better understand how technology can enrich the classroom experience. Since 2004 he has held many positions in various education technology roles such as IT Support, Faculty Development, System Administrator and Instructional Designer. In all of these roles Bradon has sought to provide the best education technology solution that meets the needs of today’s modern classroom.

Extended Abstract

The most important tool used in education is the tool that you already have.  At University of Colorado Denver’s campus over 50% of student online activity is done with a mobile device. As campus see more users using mobile devices it is important that we understand how mobile technology impacts the classroom.


The objective of this session is to help you identify some of unintended issues and barriers created when not considering mobile technology.  Instead of fighting mobile technology, I want to provide you with a toolkit that allows today’s educators to easily reach all of their students, no matter what device they are using.