Exploring Teachers’ Perception of Professional Development for a Blended Learning Environment: A Qualitative Case Study

Concurrent Session 8

Brief Abstract

This qualitative case study explored teachers’ perceptions of received professional development designed to prepare them for the paradigm shift of teaching in a blended learning environment.  The qualitative case study occurred in one of the top 10 largest school districts in the U.S. located in Florida.  The researcher conducted semi-structured interviews, utilized documentary analysis, and conducted internet surveys with five teachers from the primary and intermediate grades who have taught two-three years in the LaunchED 1-to-1 laptop initiative program identified as Cohort I.  The results of the study revealed that

  • professional development experiences valued by all participants were content area focused and grade level targeted
  • professional development activities combined with digital tools and instructional strategies were most valuable
  • professional development activities combined with technology, digital tools, and pedagogy were important and valuable to providing a learning environment for student success
  • teachers with different technical abilities desired differentiation of training.


Estelle is often referred to as a “teacher’s teacher” due to her years of experience as a K-12 classroom teacher who identifies with the evolution of teachers’ belief system in instructing learners in the 21st Century. Her expertise in educational technology began as a K-8 computer education teacher and as a district-wide technology resource teacher who was responsible for providing professional development in the area of integration of technology. Recently, Estelle earned her Doctor of Education degree in Educational Technology and E-Learning from Northcentral University. Sharing my knowledge about the K-12 learning community related to educational technology has been through presenting at educational technology conferences namely; Florida Educational Technology, Alabama Educational Technology, and Blackboard Collaborate Connections Summit.

Extended Abstract

This qualitative case study presented teachers’ perceptions of professional development which contributed to the review of the literature.  Data was collected using an online questionnaire and documentary analysis from one of the top 10 largest school districts in the U.S. located in Florida.   HyperRearch was used to identify the four themes for research question one and the two themes for research question two which were compiled based on the transcripts of the five participants.  T The results related to research question one identified teachers’ perceptions of how the different professional development activities prepared them for the paradigm shift from face-to-face instruction to online instruction.  The results related to research question two identified teachers’ perception of skills lacking in making the paradigm shift to the online environment.  Overall, teachers reported that after two-three years of participating in professional development activities, they were adequately prepared for the paradigm shift of transitioning from the face-to-face environment to the online environment.  Lastly, teachers still lack knowledge in being able to define and describe online pedagogy after two-three years of professional development.