Bringing Digital Learning in the Classroom: Leveraging Adaptive Courseware

Workshop Session 1

Brief Abstract

Leveraging adaptive courseware is a growing trend. Instead of just pockets of usage, is it time to figure out how you might adopt it on a wide scale at your university? In addition to developing criteria for selection of adaptive courseware, this workshop will also show you how to plan for faculty development, build institutional awareness, develop staff capacity to sustain innovation at scale, and measuring effectiveness of changes. 

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Dr. Karen Vignare is a strategic innovator who has been leveraging emerging technologies to improve access, success and flexibility within higher education for over 20 years. Dr. Karen Vignare currently serves as the Executive Director of the Personalized Learning Consortium at the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities. The PLC’s mission is to support public universities as they rapidly infuse technology that supports improved student learning, retention and graduation. She has a Ph.D. from Nova Southeastern University in Computer Technology and Education and a M.B.A from the William Simon Business School at University of Rochester.
Patricia O'Sullivan is Manager of the Personalized Learning & Adaptive Teaching Opportunities (PLATO) Program at the University of Mississippi. She manages the adaptive courseware grant at UM. She assists faculty in choosing, developing, and implementing adaptive courseware in high enrollment, general education courses, and provides faculty development workshops in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning of which she is an advisory board member. Patti is also an instructor of Ethics in the School of Pharmacy at UM, and is an associate in the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development. Patti holds advanced degrees in Theology and History, holds a certificate in Instructional Design, and has published historical fiction novels about the Sephardic Jewish experience in the New World.
Kevin Berg is the project manager at the Office of Academic Innovation at PSU supporting a portfolio of 20+ online and flexible degree projects, and the Active + Adaptive Learning initiative. In addition, he oversees the collection and presentation of research for the APLU adaptive grant, which includes student learning analytics, survey results, and demographic data. He is certified as a Project Management Professional and has degrees in Business, Law and Theatre.

Extended Abstract

When fully realized at a university, scaled use of adaptive courseware encompasses an institution-wide commitment to student success and degree completion, coordinated faculty development to improve instruction, adoption of high-quality content and flexible technologies that enable performance tracking, and end-user tools that support learners in guiding themselves. Eight public research universities have accelerated the adoption of adaptive courseware Eight public research universities have accelerated the adoption of adaptive courseware as part of Accelerating Adaptive Courseware grant managed by APLU. In the first two semesters, the eight universities had nearly 50,000 enrollments in 264 course sections. The first 18 months of the grants offers insights and success stories. Both the faculty and institutional support units have success stories to share. Understanding the early successes and challenges and sharing these experiences broadly are critical to improving the way adaptive courseware is developed, promoted, selected, delivered, assessed, and enhance over time. This workshop will show you how to apply the strategies of these institutions to personalize learning for students in ways that promote completion while containing costs.