Cheaters Beware! Re-invented Password, BioSig-ID Eliminates Fraud

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

See how BioSig-ID, the world's only biometric password turns 4 characters you draw into a secure authenticator, eliminating password sharing and imposter log in.


Prior to joining BioSig, Mark was the CEO of EduKan, a six college consortia in western Kansas for online education since 1999 serving students in 41 states. Dr. Mark Sarver has served in many capacities in higher education. Prior to EduKan, he served as Vice President for Advancement at Sterling College and Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management at Mountain State University. Dr. Sarver has taught courses in leadership, organizational behavior, accounting, international business, franchise development, marketing and management. His experience in higher education strategy and assessment spans virtually all aspects of institutional management from admissions and marketing, to financial analysis, to program and course design. His experience as an academic leader includes publicly funded private not-for-profit and private for-profit institutions.

Extended Abstract

Compliance for a Student ID verification process is part of accreditation. User name and passwords, proctoring and browser lock down don’t achieve this. Having an "Identity" Crisis? Are you sure the registered student is the one doing the course work? How are you authenticating your online students? Do you have a process to ID students throughout the course? Why do students not cheat during proctoring? Where do students cheat the most? Why is 8.2% of FSA fall into “improper payments/fraud? Want to reduce your payments to the Dept of Education by $M’s? Are you in compliance with student ID regulations? What are your options? These are questions that will be addressed during this presentation and ensuing exchange period with the participants.

Please join Dr. Mark Sarver, former CEO of eduKan consortia of colleges as he discusses the reasons they chose BioSig-ID as their student ID verification solution to comply with accreditation requirements. Now years later with nearly 500,000 students having enrolled in nearly 200 locations in the USA, Dr Sarver will provide evidence of how BioSig-ID “The Smart Password” has been assuring compliance, catching cheaters and identifying FSA improper payments.

Co-Presenting is Jeff Maynard CEO of Biometric Signature ID and the inventor of BioSig-ID - the world's first biometric password. Mr. Maynard will discuss why a new approach to student authentication is required beyond user name and passwords, proctoring and browser lock down technology. Using real live examples, Mr. Maynard will share how pattern forensics and his latest invention -“Rainbow reports” provide a secret weapon for clients to show accreditors how you measure, report and comply with student ID regulations.

Mr. Maynard will discuss the differences between verification and authentication and introduce the reasons why biometrics are not created equally, and the risks associated with different biometrics. The use of a new onboarding technology will also be demonstrated for placement exams, higher stakes or known cheaters.

Dr. Sarver and Jeff Maynard will each spend 20 minutes sharing their expertise leaving 20 minutes for questions.

BioSig-ID was selected by the White House, Named both a Top 10 Financial Fraud Detection Provider and Top 10 Multi-factor Authentication Provider. The software has been proven now with over 12M uses in multiple markets including higher education, healthcare, financial services and certification associations.

Fastest answers to questions posed to the audience will be awarded one of (3) $25 gift cards.