Drive Online Engagement Via PlayPosit's Immersive, Multi-Directional Interactive Environment

Concurrent Session 2

Brief Abstract

“Sit-and-Get” lecturing rarely proves successful to engage learners, let alone showcase learning. PlayPosit solves that problem. Easily convert passive video and audio into a multi-layered, multi-directionally interactive, self-reflective, and immersive experience to drive engagement, retention and enrollment skyward.


Sue Germer and Ben Levy created PlayPosit in their courses to engage learners in a truly 21st Century manner and track that learning. PlayPosit has garnered several socially oriented awards and grants including Stanford’s Startx, AT&T’s Social Innovation Award and, most recently, National Science Foundation’s Phase II Funding for Adaptive Learning. It also boasts over 2 Million users and strong partnerships with several universities, companies, and districts including the University of California Online, University of Arizona, DC Public Schools, and many more. Sue graduated from the University of Chicago (BA) and Stanford Law School (JD). She practiced law for several years before joining the Teach For America corps and focusing her life and career on educational equity.

Extended Abstract


PlayPosit’s platform allows instructors to re-envision the classroom environment to maximize student engagement and learning. It focuses on fostering multi-directional interactions within three relationships:

*Learner-Instructor Interaction*

Students can respond to questions meaningfully with audio, photo based, video based and other contributions. Each student then receives hardwired video/audio or text based feedback from instructors. Personalized pathways allow for students to get the support they need from instructors automatically. Multiple displays and types of data, including highly nuanced, detailed analytics of aggregate and granular responses, permits instructors to improve lessons and support students more meaningfully during office hours.

*Peer-Peer Interaction*

Threadable discussion boards and polling surveys where students can post embedded videos, images, audio files allow students to share observations with their class and feel like they are learning alongside their peers. PlayPosit offers a class response system to permit responses from all students synchronously via its Broadcast mode.

*Learner-Self Interaction*

If a student answers a question wrong, they can issue a “Student Explanation” that acknowledges their mistake and affords them an opportunity to explain why the correct answer is correct. Faculty can assign students the task of creating a self-reflective or exemplar bulb as a summative artifact or one that seeks instructor or peer evaluative feedback. Discovery based learning at its best. Leverage hot spots and multi-video clips to allow for a choose-your-own adventure experience for students.


PlayPosit’s focus is on increasing learner outcomes. Because of this focus, PlayPosit robustly supports instructor utilization and workflow.

*Instructional Design Support*

PlayPosit assigns an instructional designer POC to work with our partner’s admin team and faculty throughout the academic year. This person meets with the admin team monthly, oversees any upgrades in accessibility compliance or integrations, runs office hours for faculty, staff development seminars and more.

*Content Host Integration & Transfer Management*

We integrate with dozens of open and private video hosts to ensure your professors and instructional designers can make a video based lesson immersive. We also manage transfers between video hosts so that our partners don’t have to recreate activities and interactions that are wrapped around the videos they use. Nor will they lose data on the backend.

*LMS Integration & Management*

PlayPosit powerfully integrates with any LMS supporting LTI integration. Content-Item Message LTI integration allows for single sign on, easy course copy, collaboration on content creation and more. PlayPosit is IMS Global Certified as an LTI tool and is in the process of becoming Caliper Certified.