[Case Study] Digital Learning Content Management Strategies & Best Practices For Today’s Institutions

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Join LearningMate as they share how Education Corporation of America and Southern New Hampshire University are overcoming challenges in managing digital learning content.

Extended Abstract

Today's educational climate demands continuous improvement and efficient workflows. The use of digital content in online and traditional universities continues to rise, creating thousands of assets for institutions to manage. Updating and maintaining that content while managing an increasing repository of digital assets requires a strong digital infrastructure.

In this session, join LearningMate as they discuss the challenges today’s institutions face in managing digital learning content. Learn how two institutions are effectively managing digital learning assets to improve online learning through strategies, best practices, and new tools in partnership with LearningMate. You’ll hear from representatives from Education Corporation of America (ECA) and learn how they are managing their content development processes, and from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), as they share how they are solving virtual campus challenges.

Discussion topics will range from creating efficient content development and revision workflows, leveraging electronic content management systems to author, discover, manage and publish content, as well as strategies to optimize content management, standardize processes, and maximize efficiencies in program development.