Solving The Challenges Of STEM Online

Concurrent Session 5

Brief Abstract

Radical change happened for the University of Waterloo’s STEM online efforts when they adopted the Möbius Courseware platform. With DFW rates decreasing and class averages increasing, Waterloo is confident that their efforts are heading in the right direction.


Andrew Rourke is the Director of the Teaching Solutions Group at DigitalEd. For over 20 years, Andrew has served higher education by acting as a bridge between the technology and education communities. During that time he has become a trusted advisor to both instructors and administrators, helping them make use of technology tools for online course delivery, testing and assessment, and in-class instruction. Andrew regularly shares his passion for education technologies by speaking worldwide at conferences and post-secondary campuses in support of the wide range of objectives within the academic community.

Extended Abstract

The Challenge:

  • How to author and maintain digital assets for over 200 STEM courses
  • How to teach 26 different calculus courses each term with major overlap but with different audiences
  • How to collect empirical evidence that students are learning, and that learning objectives are being met

These issues are among a dozen similar challenges that the University of Waterloo struggled with for years, as they began the process of moving their STEM courses online.

The Solution:

The University turned to DigitalEd and formed a partnership to utilize the Mobius Courseware platform.

Mobius is a comprehensive online courseware platform that is built on the notion that students learn by doing.

Purpose-built for STEM-based courses, Möbius provides students with engaging interactive applications, free-response assessment questions, intelligent machine grading of responses, and more. The platform provides everything instructors and instructional designers need to take full advantage of modern online resources in math-based courses.

Students can explore and learn concepts using interactive applications, then visualize problems and solutions and test their understanding by answering questions that are graded instantly. Throughout entire lessons, students remain actively engaged with materials and receive constant feedback in order to solidify their understanding.

In this presentation, you will see an overview of how the Möbius platform brought about radical change for the development and deployment of STEM courses at the University of Waterloo, and with DFW rates decreasing and class averages increasing, Waterloo is confident that their efforts are heading in the right direction.