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Created in 2015 as a way to engage online learning professionals, educators and administrators in addressing the opportunities and challenges we all face in online higher education today, OLC Collaborate has become a beloved format for networking and spotlighting noteworthy work happening within specific regions in the U.S. Building on the success of these events, the Regional Collaborate Sessions at OLC Velocity will take a similar format of provocations from thought leaders immediately followed by interactive discussions as small group collaborations. The findings surfaced throughout the day are all archived, serving as a tangible product from the rich co-working sessions and an 

Expanding the impact of the OLC Collaborate, these Regional Collaborate Sessions at OLC Velocity will feature multiple institutions from Florida hosting individual summits driven by the critical work they are doing around innovative online, blended and digital learning. Each institution will select a theme that will be expanded upon in each keynote’s lightning talk and their respective discussion session topics. Participants will crowdsource findings in a series of open documents that will be curated and compiled over the course of the three days, finalized in a plenary session, and released as a white paper as a culminating regional response.

All participants of OLC Velocity are welcome to engage in this exciting new format, furthering our commitment to sharing effective practices within and across our community.



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Get Involved

Are you at an institution in the Southeast region of the U.S. (i.e. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina) and would like to participate in one of these Regional Collaborate Sessions as a cohort of participants or as a co-convener? Contact our Chief Academic Officer, Angela Gunder, at angela.gunder@onlinelearning-c.org for more information.