A virtual event focusing on the broad opportunities to contribute to the knowledge and practice in the field of online education, featuring presentations, small group discussions, and networking. 

OLC Research Summit: Research is for Everyone!

Research forms the foundation of practice across the online learning landscape – but who does this research, how are topics and trends determined, and how does it impact theory and/or practice in the diverse range of higher education professionals that work in online education?  We often think of research as a formal investigation and publication process completed by faculty and/or dedicated researchers. While this empirical work is certainly one (very important!) way to define research, the study of online education is unique in that there are broad opportunities to contribute to knowledge and practice in the field (which is the very purpose of research).  Not only can research take various forms, many of us are engaged in some form of research without realizing it (and without realizing how we can use it to impact the field).

This OLC Research Summit will begin with an overview and audience-engaged discussion of current online education research overall, including the identification of emerging trends and how participants in their various and diverse roles are part of, or impacted by, this work (and consideration of what remains to be addressed).  Following this interactive discussion, a panel of professionals representing a variety of roles that produce or regularly engage with research will talk about the various ways that research is defined and used by different professionals in online learning, from faculty/researchers to instructional designers to administrators and leaders.  Participants will be provided with resources, methods of approach, and dissemination avenues for the range of opportunities (or current work) that may contribute to knowledge and practice, followed by the opportunity to discuss and begin to develop, or further expand, their own work in collaboration with or for solo presentation and publication work in the field.  

Registration for the OLC Research Summit is included in your OLC Innovate 2020 conference registration.

OLC Research Summit Panelists

Dr Jessica Knott
Jessica Knott, Ph.D., Applied Researcher, Michigan State University
Seth Porter
Seth Porter, Assistant Director of Digital Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship at Princeton University
Jean Mandernach
B. Jean Mandernach, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center For Innovation and Research in Teaching, Grand Canyon University
Jeremy Dean
Jeremy Dean, Director of Education, Hypothesis

OLC Research Summit Moderators

Lynette O'Keefe
Lynette O’Keefe, Ph.D. Director, Research, Online Learning Consortium – Moderator
Sherri Restauri
Sherri Restauri, Ph.D.,  Director of the Coastal Office of Online Learning, Coastal Carolina University – Moderator



Thank you for your patience as we update the schedule to accommodate the new all virtual event.


  1. Research: Why is Research Important to Successful Digital Learning?
  2. Accessibility and Equity: Access and Accessibility in Online Learning Issues in Higher Education and K-12 Contexts
  3. Quality in Digital Learning: A Cross-institutional Study of Instructional Characteristics and Student Outcomes: Are Quality Indicators of Online Courses Able to Predict Student Success?
  4. More coming soon.



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