Online Education, Volume 2: Learning Effectiveness, Faculty Satisfaction, and Cost Effectiveness (2000)

Volume 2 of Online Education focuses on Learning Effectiveness, Faculty Satisfaction and Cost Effectiveness from the perspectives of pioneer colleges and universities with fully online degree programs. 12 case studies examine critical issues involved in online education-how well people learn, how satisfied faculty are, and how institutions of higher learning manage costs.


In August 2000, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation invited 40 guests from 20 institutions of higher learning to a collaborative workshop. The workshop 2000 writers have responded to the issues in this second volume with a forthright willingness to share that is both extraordinary among academicians and representative of the transformative, collaborative effects of online learning practices.

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Table of Contents

Part I. Learning Effectiveness

Starr Roxanne Hiltz


Bringing ALN into the Mainstream: NVCC Case Studies
John Sener

Measures of Learning Effectiveness in the SUNY Learning Network
Peter Shea, Eric Fredericksen, Alexandra Pickett, William Pelz, and Karen Swan

Effectively Managing Large Enrollment Courses: A Case Study
Murray Turoff and Starr Roxanne Hiltz


Part II: Faculty Satisfaction

Burks Oakley II

Faculty Satisfaction in LEEP: A Web-based Graduate Degree Program in Library and Information Science
Linda C. Smith

Factors Relating to the Satisfaction of Faculty Teaching Online Courses at the University of Central Florida
Joel L. Hartman and Barbara Truman-Davis

Faculty Satisfaction in Penn State’s World Campus
Melody M. Thompson


Part III: Cost Effectiveness

Anthony G. Picciano


Cost Efficiency of Online Instruction in a Research One University: A Case Study of a Department’s Efforts
Tim L. Wentling and Ji-Hye Park

Penn State’s World Campus: A Case Study in Achieving Cost Efficiencies in ALN
Gary E. Miller

UMUC’S Online MBA Program: A Case Study of Cost-Effectiveness and the Implications for Large-scale Programs
Tana Bishop and Claudine SchWeber

Pace University and the NACTEL Project: A Cost Analysis
David Sachs

Operating Cost of an Online Degree Program
Gregory W. Hislop

Online Degree Programs: Service and Cost
Christine Geith and Karen Vignare