Would you like to evaluate the quality of online, blended, and digital learning in your courses or programs? If so, look no further! The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) offers free resources and paid review services that can help you increase course and program quality and student success.

Free Scorecards

Course Level Scorecards

OLC offers two levels of score cards for a total of six scorecards as part of the Quality Scorecard Suite (QSS). All six score cards are available as free downloads that can be adopted, adapted, and remixed to meet your needs.

Used primarily by faculty and instructional support staff, these scorecards provide criteria for evaluating the quality of design, delivery, and use of digital tools in online courses.

OSCQR (Course Design Review) ▼

The OSCQR scorecard, offered in partnership with SUNY Online, primarily focuses on the design of online courses, addressing technology and tools, design and layout, content and activities, interaction, feedback, and accessibility standards.


QCTIP (Quality Course Teaching & Instructional Practice) ▼

The QCTIP scorecard primarily focuses on the delivery of online courses, addressing course development, accessibility, learning outcomes, content, assignments, instructor roles, class discussion and engagement, building community, communication, and course improvement.


DCIP (Digital Courseware for Instructional Practice) ▼

The DCIP scorecard primarily focuses on the digital tools used in online courses, addressing how learning technologies align with course outcomes and enhance the student experience.


Program Level Scorecards

Used primarily by program coordinators and institutional leaders, these scorecards provide criteria for evaluating the quality of programs and student support beyond the course level.

Administration of Online Programs ▼

The Administration of Online Programs scorecard focuses on the quality of fully-online programs, addressing institutional support, technology infrastructure, guidelines for course development, and support for students and instructors.


Administration of Blended Programs ▼

The Administration of Blended Programs scorecard focuses on the quality of blended or hybrid programs, addressing institutional support, technology infrastructure, guidelines for course development, and support for students and instructors.


Online Student Support ▼

The Online Student Support scorecard focuses on the online student experience before, during, and after their time at an institution, addressing admissions, financial aid, orientation, support services, and job placement.


Paid Review Services

Course Level Reviews

OLC offers paid review services to help faculty, instructional support staff, program coordinators, and institutional leaders address quality at the course and program levels.

OLC provides two types of course level reviews to meet diverse needs and budgets.

Initial Reviews ($1,625 per course) ▼

Initial reviews are used to identify and address key issues at the course level. Completed by a trained OLC reviewer using the OSCQR scorecard, initial reviews result in a completed scorecard that identifies areas of strength and suggestions for improvement.


Endorsement Reviews ($1,000 per course) ▼

Endorsement reviews provide a 3-year OLC Exemplary Course endorsement for courses that meet the minimum standards outlined on the OSCQR scorecard. The process is identical to that of the initial review except that endorsement reviews include two additional reviews resulting in two completed scorecards. Endorsement reviews first require an initial review.


Program Level Reviews

Program level reviews are used to identify and address key issues in online and blended programs and for student support services.

Program Level Reviews and Endorsement ($8,000 per scorecard) ▼

Institutions initially provide information about their program, and then three trained OLC reviewers use the Administration of Online Programs, Administration of Blended Programs, or Online Student Support scorecards (as requested by the institution) to evaluate the program, resulting in a final report that identifies areas of strength and suggestions for improvement. If the program meets the minimum standards outlined on the scorecard, it will receive a 3-year OLC Exemplary Program endorsement.


Support Services

At additional cost, OLC offers multiple support services to assist institutions with their program level reviews.

Consultations ($250 per hour)

Both virtual and on-site consultations are available to ensure program administrators understand each of the Quality Scorecard indicators as well as the minimum requirements of each indicator

Navigator ($47,500 per scorecard) ▼

Finding the time to complete the scorecard and provide supplemental materials is the biggest challenge that most institutions face in the Program Review and Endorsement process. Through the Navigator service, the experts at OLC will take on this challenge for you, enabling you and your staff to focus on reviewing, planning, and implementing changes. OLC will conduct virtual and on-site visits to replace Step 1 in the process above, saving the institution time and resources. The OLC project manager will:

  • Interview key faculty, staff, and administrators to understand the current state of the program or support service
  • Review relevant data, documents, policies, and other materials needed to evaluate the existing infrastructure and outcomes of the program
  • Write a justification for each of the 70 scorecard indicators
  • Upload documenting artifacts to support the response

Once the OLC project manager has gathered and submitted information about your program, the OLC scorecard reviewers will complete Steps 2-4 in the process above.


Scorecard Handbooks ($25-$60 per handbook) ▼

OLC has published a handbook for each of the three program level scorecards. These handbooks provide in-depth descriptions of the scorecard indicators and offer advice on how to most effectively complete the review process.



"Quality continues to remain one of the greatest challenges in online education; the OLC Quality Scorecard is a robust tool meant to take the guesswork out of ascertaining quality in online programs."

Georgianna Laws, Augusta University Instructional Designer & Maryville University doctoral student in Higher Education Leadership