Evaluating the Quality of Online Educational Programs: Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

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Middle Tennessee State University Quality Scorecard Case Study

When Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) decided they wanted to benchmark their online program against others, they came to OLC. Their original intention was to identify areas for continuous improvement that could help them strengthen their program using recognized best practices. Under the leadership of Cindy Adams, they started the process to implement the Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Learning.

Her first step was to form a cross-functional committee that met over the course of six months to develop a response and to provide artifacts to support the justification for each of the 75 indicators. This helped them identify areas that they could strengthen to improve the student experience.  After this stage, they felt they were ready for feedback from the peer review process and reached out to OLC.

Through the third-party review process, institutions are given initial feedback from the three-member independent review committee and are then given a short time frame in which to strengthen responses or to bring in additional evidence to better support and justify a response. They are then provided with final feedback and results which, in MTSU’s case, was an Exemplary endorsement from OLC.

Learn more about how the OLC Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Learning helped MTSU strengthen their program.

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