Expanding the OLC Reach in the New Year

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With a New Year comes new ventures. This January the Online Learning Consortium and Kennesaw State University are in collaboration to provide a free course about online learning to the K12 community. This massive open online course is designed for all learners involved with K12 education, including parents, aspiring teaching, in-service teachers, homeschoolers, administrators, and teacher educators. The course will be offered through Coursera’s learning platform and titled K12 Blended and Online Learning. Registration is now open at https://www.coursera.org/course/k12blendedlearning.


This 50 hour online course introduces learners to the field of online learning in the K12 environment and guides them in designing an instructional unit and developing a learning module. Educators in the states of Georgia & Texas can earn 5 PLUs/CPEs at no cost with a Statement of Accomplishment, while, US educators outside of these states can earn CEUs with a Verified Certificate through the USDOE ConnectEd-Coursera partnership as managed by Coursera:

Class starts on January 13th and weekly topics include:

          Week 1: Trends and Standards in K12 Blended and Online Learning
          Week 2: Active Learning and Assessment
          Week 3: Teaching Blended and Online in the Content Areas
          Week 4: Technologies for Blended and Online Learning
          Week 5: Designing a Syllabus
          Week 6: Designing a Blended or Online Unit Plan
          Week 7: Developing a K12 Module
          Week 8: Course Wrap-up & Recommendations for On-going Learning

 Participants will complete the class with a basic understanding of the field of K12 online learning, tools for success, a syllabus for a K12 blended or online class, a unit plan, and a module to use with K12 students. Teacher groups are encouraged to take the class together and meet f2f to discuss key concepts. A local facilitator’s guide is available to support f2f engagement.

Join the class and stay connected with each other and the OLC through our LinkedIn group for K12 teachers and teacher educators. 

Cheers to new learning in the New Year!

Anissa Lokey-Vega & Jordan Cameron, Kennesaw State University


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