Defining Innovation – An Interactive Installation


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Defining Innovations is an experiment in progressive scholarship, using the power of a conference space to rethink how we share and create knowledge.  Our 2016 exhibition was a museum installation taking a 2500 year look at the changing concept and its effect on society.  This year, we are going to look at the present of innovation, mixing the history of the installation with a real-time generation of knowledge through multiple modalities:  interviews, panels, social media, artifact creation and other forms of distributed network pedagogy.  

The premise of Defining Innovations is to find the discord between how we believe innovation should manifest in higher education institutions and how the innovation concept has unfolded over the past several years.  Too often we approach this question by asking one another what innovation means to each of us; this renders innovation as an emotive, hurray concept which connotes positivity that could mask unintended consequences.  What does it mean that innovation is associated with technological growth while the innovation hubs of America have seen income inequality, redlining and housing shortages at the highest rates in the nation?  

Defining Innovation remains grounded in the literature review presented in 2016, building upon this by using the power of the OLC Innovate 2017 conference and bringing the expertise in the room into a space to listen, share and learn from one another.  Our goal is to create a roster of artifacts to help higher education institutions ground their innovative projects in research-based expert practices.



About the Curators of the Innovation Installation

Rolin Moe

Rolin Moe, Seattle Pacific University
Innovation Installation Curator

Dr. Rolin Moe is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Institute for Academic Innovation at Seattle Pacific University. Rolin’s 15+ years of working with formal, informal and non-formal learning institutions has focused on empowering all members of the community to engage teaching and learning. At SPU, Rolin uses a social constructivist lens to aid faculty, staff and students in the development, implementation and assessment of progressive teaching and learning. As a social science researcher, Dr. Moe employs a critical sociocultural lens on educational technology and media, exploring how popular and media discourses shape our expectations, practices and policies about education. His practical work outside of formal education celebrates the ‘gap’ between artifact design and learning assessment, at organizations such as the Museum of Modern Art, Thesys International and the nonpartisan Annenberg Learning Center at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. He is an award-winning EdTech author, including Real Life, Hybrid Pedagogy and KQED’s MindShift, and in a galaxy long ago and far away was a literary agent for television science fiction writers in Hollywood.

Chris Gilliard

Chris Gilliard, Macomb Community College
Innovation Installation Collaborator

Chris is a Professor of English at Macomb Community College. His scholarship concentrates on privacy, institutional tech policy, digital redlining, and the re-inventions of discriminatory practices through data mining and algorithmic decision-making, especially as these apply to college students. His forthcoming article, “The New Pythagoreans,” looks at how popular misunderstandings of mathematical concepts create the illusions of fairness and objectivity in student analytics, predictive policing, and hiring practices.


Contributors to the Innovation Installation include:

  • Daryl Tate, Assistant Curator
  • Chris Mattia
  • The Seattle Pacific Art Center
  • Dominic Williamson