Check It Out! OLC Innovate Solutions Design Summit Videos!


Katrina Wehr, Instructional Designer, Pennsylvania State University

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Can’t wait till April to participate in OLC Innovate 2017? Get a sneak peak at some conference content! Check out the Solution Design Summit team videos and leave feedback in the comments on YouTube!

Each of our SDS teams produced a video pitching their solution for a problem or challenge they are facing at their respective institutions, and we’re inviting YOU to give them feedback on their designs. Our teams will meet at the beginning of the conference to review your feedback and learn from industry experts before they present their pitches to attendees and our judges.

To offer your feedback, go to to watch each team’s video. Remember, the goal of each SDS submission is to:

  • Encourage creative, design thinking for learning challenges
  • Foster dialogue among learners, educators, administrators, researchers, designers, and EdTech companies
  • Promote a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach towards the development of solutions for learning challenges

When commenting, try to tie feedback to these goals. Our teams want to improve their solution designs, and the more constructive opinions and perspectives they get, the better! And remember, good feedback is also specific, actionable advice that our teams can apply to their designs.

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