Volume 14, Issue 2 - November 2010

The Road Not Taken: The Divergence of Corporate and Academic Web Instruction

Robert N. Ubell, NYU Polytechnic Institute

Although corporate e-learning and academic online education have evolved along different paths, each reaches approximately 25% of its respective market. Because they have different philosophies and methods, the two fields may never completely merge, yet each may learn from the other.
Multiple Modes in Corporate Learning: Propelling Business IQ with Formal, Informal and Social Learning

John Ambrose, SkillSoft
Julie Ogilvie, SkillSoft

Recognizing that the shifting corporate environment is placing ever greater stresses on learning organizations, this paper reports how companies are increasingly offering employees a wide choice of learning options beyond conventional classroom training, including online, social learning, and other modalities in “blended” programs. Identifying a number of trends—a multi-generational workforce,...

What Corporate Training Professionals Think About e-Learning: Practitioners’ Views on the Potential of e-Learning in the Workplace

Allison Rossett, San Diego State University
James Marshall, San Diego State University

An exploratory study of 954 mostly veteran workplace learning professionals sought to determine why respondents adopt e-learning. The results indicated that they see e-learning was most valuable for delivering instruction governing familiar company tasks, such as providing information about products, fulfilling compliance requirements, and securing standardization. While the results were...

Measuring Success and ROI in Corporate Training

Kent Barnett, KnowledgeAdvisors
John R. Mattox, II, KnowledgeAdvisors

When measuring outcomes in corporate training, the authors recommend that it is essential to introduce a comprehensive plan, especially when resources are limited and the company needs are vast. The authors hone in on five critical components for shaping a measurement plan to determine the success and ROI of training....

The Sloan-C Pillars: Towards a Balanced Approach to Measuring Organizational Learning

Kee Meng Yeo, Amway
A. Frank Mayadas, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and e Sloan Consortium

The Sloan Pillars have set the standard for university-wide online learning program assessment for more than a dozen years. In this paper, the authors propose the extension of the Pillars to corporate e-learning, offering an alternative to traditional enterprise learning assessments. Claiming that conventional methods stress individual courses or programs,...