Volume 6, Issue 2 - August 2002

Access to Opportunity: The Duke-East Carolina Partnerships for Training Program

Mary T. Champagne RN, Ph.D., Duke University School of Nursing
Donna Hewitt, RN, MN, Duke University Medical Center
Nancy Short, RN, MBA, Duke University Medical Center
Susan Pietrangelo-Brown, RN, MSN, FNP, Duke University Medical Center
Susan Epstein, MPA, Duke University Medical Center
Margaret Bowers, RN, MSN, FNP, Duke University Medical Center

Duke University and East Carolina University through their Schools of Nursing and Physician Assistant Programs are in the third year of the Partnerships for Training Program (PFT). The goal of PFT is to prepare primary care providers to increase access to care in medically underserved and health professional shortage areas....

Is "As Good as Face-to-Face" As Good As It Gets?

Jeannette McDonald, DVM, PhD, Director of WisTREC, University of Wisconsin-Madison

We are constantly being asked to compare distance education to traditional education. But by striving to make distance education “as good as” face-to-face education what are we overlooking or sacrificing? In this paper we explore these issues by first reviewing background...

Cost, Access, and Quality in Online Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Tracy Wright, Department of Practical Nursing Northwest Technical College,
Linda Thompson, Department of Distance Education, Northwest Technical College

Northwest Technical College researched, planned for, and has successfully implemented a unique delivery of its Practical Nursing Program through the use of Internet technology. This Distance Practical Nursing exploratory paper presents a historical overview of the program, assesses job market ...

Healthcare Education: Preliminary Findings

Joseph W. York, MS, MBA, Assistant to the Head, Department of Medical Education, University of Illinois at Chicago

The Master of Health Professions Education degree offered by the University of Illinois’ College of Medicine recently added an online track to its traditional in class format. The objective is to make the course available to healthcare professionals who might not...