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In celebration of National Distance Learning Week, November 4-8, 2019, OLC has put together a list of articles, workshops, and OLC Accelerate 2019 conference sessions related to Neuroscience. Neuroscience as related to education overall, and distance learning, in particular, is a growing area of interest and research among both scholars and practitioners. We invite you to explore these resources, and join in the conversation through any of the opportunities below as well as through your own networks, using #OLCNDLW.

NOTE: Our New Neuromyths Whitepaper (see below) is getting great coverage! Check out Chronicle of Higher Ed and NISOD’s Weekly Digest (scroll down to International Report: Neuromyths and Evidence-Based Practices in Higher Education – OLC).

OLC Workshops focused on Neuroscience

  • Neuro, Cognitive & Learning Sciences, Part I: Bringing Theory to Practice

    New and emerging research in the neuro, cognitive, and learning sciences are providing insight into how we learn and transfer learning to real-world environments.  As advances in technology are changing the world in which we learn and work, a cognitive scientist and educator team up in this 7-day workshop to debunk myths about learning and to provide a framework for brain-based learning that is both evidence-based and applicable to online and blended learning.

  • Neuro, Cognitive & Learning Sciences, Part II: Applying Theory to Practice

    This highly interactive 7-day workshop engages participants in applying neuro, cognitive, and learning sciences-based practices to a current or planned course.  Participants will review concepts and practices related to the principles of human learning, metacognitive development, and mindfulness. They will also have the opportunity to work individually and in small groups to review their course and reflect on how content, activities, and assessments align with research regarding attention, memory, cognitive load, and transfer of learning.

  • Applying Neuro, Cognitive & Learning Sciences to Instructional design

    This 4-week course provides instructional designers and eLearning professionals with an introduction to the neuro, cognitive, and learning sciences and how they can be applied to instructional design. Throughout the course, participants will discuss the connection between instructional design and cognitive load, and explore strategies for aligning course content, activities, and assignments with principles from the neuro, cognitive, and learning sciences. Participants will also examine methods for applying theory to practice, including formative and summative assessment, multi-modality feedback, metacognitive skills, and real-world transfer.

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