IELOL tuition scholarships are available. The intent of the scholarship is to enable participation in the program for an individual who may not otherwise have the resources to fund their participation.

A description of the scholarship is provided below. To apply, please provide a summary statement of your eligibility and how much financial assistance you are requesting as part of the funding section of your IELOL Application (no more than 250 words). 

PLEASE NOTE: Scholarship amounts are provided in the form of a reduction in the IELOL tuition. The scholarship amount will vary based on expressed needs of interested applicants and available scholarship resources. If you have requested a scholarship, please note that admission will not be part of the regular rolling review process. Applications that include a scholarship request will be reviewed on or before April 21, and notified on or before May 1, 2023. 

Bruce Chaloux

The Bruce N. Chaloux IELOL Scholarship was established in 2014 as a way to honor Dr. Chaloux’s contribution and dedication to developing leadership in the field of online learning. Dr. Chaloux believed that in order to continue the forward momentum of online learning in higher education we needed to invest in and support the professional growth and preparation of the “next cadre” of leaders. Dr. Chaloux was an ardent champion of IELOL and participated in every offering serving as either faculty or program co-director. Dr. Chaloux had a particular interest in supporting international participants in the program because of the global nature of the online learning initiative. Bruce also sought to identify individuals in developing countries who would benefit from IELOL and the network of professionals in the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). Although not restricted to an international applicant, priority will be given to those who express need from institutions external to the United States.