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In celebration of National Distance Learning Week, November 5-9, 2018, OLC invites you to explore these resources for improving accessibility in digital learning

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Monday: Breaking Barriers: Institutional Strategies for Accessibility in Digital Learning Hosted by UMKC

View these recorded sessions:

Tuesday: Accessibility Workshops and Programs

  • Fundamentals: ADA & Web Accessibility. This workshop will help you better understand the legal framework for accessibility in online education and how learners with disabilities participate in online classes. You will also explore the practical application of procedures for instructional designers, instructors, developers and administrators to create ADA compliant online courses.
  • Designing with Accessibility in Mind. How accessible is your online course? What steps can you take to make it more accessible? The heart of this workshop will focus on ways to meet accessibility criteria through three important components including general universal design practices, creating accessible multimedia, and creating accessible documents.
  • Strategic Planning for Web Accessibility. The broad areas addressed in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards call for content that is Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to develop a working draft timeline and proposal to implement a web accessibility plan in their own institution.
  • Applying Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles to Online Courses to Increase Accessibility and Engagement. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) take into consideration that students learn differently and, therefore, should be provided with different options for learning materials and for demonstrating learning. This workshop will help you understand the core concepts of UDL and apply them to an online course setting.
  • ADA & Web Accessibility Self-Paced Workshop. This workshop will help you better understand the legal framework for accessibility in online education and how learners with disabilities participate in online classes. You will also explore the practical application of procedures that instructional designers, instructors, developers, and administrators follow when they create ADA compliant online courses.

Wednesday: OLC Conferences & Events

  • OLC Accelerate 2018: Over 500 sessions with topics including edtech, proctoring, accessibility, gamification, K-12, OER, and lots more. The Technology Test Kitchen returns so get ready to learn, explore, and share within a fun lab environment. There are 20 sessions focused specifically on accessibility. Find them here by searching on accessibility.
  • OLC Accelerate 2018 – Virtual: Can’t travel? No problem! Access 100+ live streamed and recorded session, including keynote, plenary & featured sessions, and so much more. On-demand access of all recorded sessions is provided to onsite and virtual attendees post-conference for one year. | Visit our Virtual Hub.
  • OLC Innovate 2019: Education Reimagined: To be held at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Denver inspired our theme “Moving Mountains in Digital, Blended, and Online Learning.” Education innovation is how we, as a community, continue to thrive in this rapidly changing learning environment. It’s how we respond to, revolve around, and guide student success and satisfaction.| Learn More

Thursday: Accessibility Readings

    Friday: Webinars: Accessibility Topics

    • Web Accessibility: Trick or Treat?: Since the Department of Justice and the Office for Civil Rights released the joint “Dear Colleague” letter regarding accessible ebook readers and other educational technology in 2010, colleges and universities have been scrambling to make sure that their online environments and activities are accessible. Learn from a panel of “been there, done that” experts who share their tricks, tips and strategies for making accessibility a treat, and a little less scary.
    • Accessibility in Courses and Services: The Exploration Begins: This webcast kicks-off a series of jointly-sponsored events and activities focused on accessibility issues.OLC and WCET explored several issues on which they could partner to better serve their members. Assuring the accessibility in courses, websites, student services, and all communications rose to the top as many are still confused on what is required and how to address those needs.
    • The Language of Accessibility: Have you ever uttered the words “ADA compliant” and witnessed your colleagues in disability services rolling their eyes? Or been told that there is no such thing without much of an explanation about why there is no such thing? During this webinar, get answers from accessibility and disability services experts for all learners.

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